Even the best drivers are at risk of getting into an auto accident each time they get behind the wheel. And in the Upper Peninsula we are at an even greater risk of accidents caused by lost traction on icy roads and deer hits. If you find yourself in the unfortunate aftermath of an auto accident, be sure to follow these steps.

Step 1) Make sure no one was injured

If you are not injured and the accident scene is safe you should check your passengers and everyone else involved in the accident to see if anyone needs immediate medical attention.

Step 2) Call the Police

Call the local police department to report the accident or 911 for an emergency.

Step 3) Stay at the scene

If you are involved in an automobile accident you should stay at the scene until the proper authorities arrive. Even if you consider it a minor incident, you could find yourself in legal trouble if you leave the scene. If you’re blocking a roadway it is ok to pull off to the shoulder of the road to prevent further accidents.

Step 4) Speak with the other driver

While speaking with the other driver you should not say “I’m sorry” or anything that would suggest you were at fault. Simply ask for their insurance and contact information. Also, do not sign any documents unless the police ask you to.

Step 5) Call Us At (906) 226-3280

Give us a call at Superior Collision as soon as you’re able to. We can help by arranging for a tow truck, writing a repair estimate, working with your insurance company, getting you into a loaner car, and much more. There’s a reason we are the premier auto body repair facility in Marquette, MI.

Step 6) Call Your Insurance Company

Most insurance companies have a 1-800 number you can call to report a claim and speak to a customer service representative. We suggest calling your insurance company as soon as possible to start the claim process. Be sure to write the claim number down.

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